About Us

BoroPlus is India’s No. 1 Antiseptic Cream brand since 1984. It offers an exclusive range of expertly crafted Ayurvedic Skincare products for the whole family, including BoroPlus lotions, Aloe Vera Gels, Soaps and Prickly Heat Powders.

BoroPlus uses organic and time-tested Ayurvedic ingredients that ensure effective yet nourishing care for skin, free from harmful chemicals. BoroPlus is a brand that gives you the confidence to be on top of your skincare game by promising healthy skin.

Millions of people across 30 countries, including Russia & CIS, Bangladesh, and the Middle East trust us. With so much love, the brand is proud to support girl child education with the "Nanhi Saraswati Initiative" through scholarships, books, and computers, among other things.


Dr. Chanda Zaveri

She is a renowned innovator of personal care products based in USA and is in the profession of various United States Patents for invention of Peptides Complex in respect to dermatology healing, treatment of Alopecia, hair ailments and various cosmetics products relating to hair & skin care treatment and beautification and has also extensive knowhow and technical knowledge as regard to manufacture of various cosmetic & herbal products.

Ms. Linda M. Gearke

She is a renowned specialist in the field of hair care and skin care products and is associated with various websites such as www.ask.com & www.allexpert.com where she provides her advice for varied skin related conditions. She also provides her services to various companies on their hair & skin care products. Her profile is also available in linkedin.

Dr. Inamura Hiroe Sharma

(President Ayurveda Kenkyusho Osaka Japan) - B.S.A.M. (Gold Medalist), M.D. paJcakarma Specialist
Guj. AYURVEDA University, Jamnagar
Founder-Member, Research Society
for Ayurveda in JAPAN.


BoroPlus uses natural and time tested skin loving ingredients. This ensures gentle yet effective care of skin. It gives everyday confidence to take on the world by offering the promise of healthy skin through protection and nourishment.