Disha Kaur

My skin is very sensitive to chemicals and I usually avoid skincare products. But BoroPlus Aloe Gel being all natural was the right choice for me. I bought the haldi, chandan, kesar variant and it has been extremely effective in reducing wrinkles and making my skin glow.

Pooja Roy

My hair always used to get dry and frizzy, even after having used several kinds of shampoos and conditioners. I recently found out that aloe vera gel is great for hair. I tried BoroPlus Aloe Gel and after using it daily, saw a noticeable change. My hair feels moisturized, soft and frizz-free now.

Priya Dongre

BoroPlus Aloe Gel has been a great buy for me because it is one of the few aloe gels in the market to be 100% organic. I love that it can be used daily for my skin as well as hair problems.